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Blog Takeover: Chelsea Faulds

Hi Everyone,

This is my chance to takeover the Timeless blog and tell you a little bit about myself.

First, let's start with a little bit of my music background. I have loved singing ever since I can remember. When I was about 3 years old I would hold concerts in the family room, standing on the fireplace ledge with my Sesame Street karaoke machine, singing songs from The Beatles. I also loved to recreate my favorite Disney movies, like running around the couch and rolling on the floor in my Pocahontas costume singing "Colors of the Wind." Around the age of 7, I got intense stage fright and became the most dedicated bedroom singer around (I truly believe no one could hear me when the door was closed). I remained scared to death to sing in front of people until my freshman year of high school when my best friend forced me to audition for a solo in the church choir. I ended up getting the solo and my obsession with the stage took off from there. Throughout high school I was heavily involved in choir, I also took private voice lessons and attended weekly karaoke events to work on my stage presence. At the karaoke events, I met a local songwriter who asked me to sing a duet on his upcoming album. Once I got into the recording studio, I got inspired and ended up writing my own original songs and started recording my album (which is still a work in progress all of these years later). My senior year of high school, I joined a local band and ended up doing some gigs. Right after graduation, I entered a singing contest called Idol in the Skye, which was a local take on American Idol. I placed third in the competition and was asked to join an ABBA tribute show, called ABBAFab. Over the last nine years, I have starred in ABBAFab and traveled all over the country and even internationally on Holland America and Disney Cruise Lines. I have also fronted some of Arizona's hottest corporate bands like 34North, The Spin, The JJs and B-Platinum. In 2012, I partnered with Mike Smith to create a show called" Unforgettable Too," celebrating the music of Nat and Natalie Cole.

I'm so excited to have joined the cast of Timeless and to not only continue to develop my vocal talents, but my acting as well. I've never considered myself to be an actress, but I really enjoy learning this new craft.

Apart from music, I'm just a normal 27 year old girl. I'm an only child and have two incredible parents who smother... I mean, love me more than anything on this planet. They are the most supportive people in my life and I couldn't be more grateful for them! Surprisingly enough, I'm fairly introverted and in my spare time, I just enjoy hanging out at home and binge watching Netflix. On a Friday night out, you'll probably find me having dinner and a glass of wine at a trendy restaurant or listening to some live music. I'm a big sports fan who enjoys football and is obsessed with hockey. The Arizona Coyotes are my favorite team and I was fortunate enough to sing the National Anthem at a game in January. I go to as many games as I can and I'm definitely that really loud girl that's screaming the whole time.

Here are a few rapid fire "About Me" questions:

  1. What's the first thing you would you do if you won the lottery? Pay off my house and my parents' house.

  2. What is your favorite book to read? I love Nicholas Sparks' romance novels.

  3. What makes you laugh the most? My friends. And dirty jokes.

  4. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas.

  5. What was the last book you read/movie you saw? I'm currently reading "Living with a Seal" by Jesse Itzler.

  6. What are your favorite TV shows? My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

  7. Which family member are you most like? My dad. We are two peas in a pod.

  8. Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to? Right now it's been the 90s Smash Hits playlist on Spotify.

  9. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Travel internationally!

  10. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? Iceland.

  11. What is your favorite color? Green.

  12. What is your favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz.

  13. Are you a morning person? Not at all! I hate mornings and waking up. Sleep is one of my top 3 favorite things behind singing and eating.

  14. What size shoe do you wear? 6.5

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! I look forward to meeting you all at a Timeless show in the future!! :)

xoxo Chelsea

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