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Thomas J. Ali

Percussion / Drums / Writer, Musician, Executive Producer, Director, Creator Of Timeless / CEO Aliway Productions, LLC


Thomas J. Ali

A Full Service Media Production Studio

  • Video Filming / Editing Services

  • Web / Multimedia Design

  • TV / Radio / Internet Commercials

  • Music Score / Voice Over  Production

  • Digital Computer Graphics and Compositing

  • Directing / Scripting Services

  • Media / Sound Consulting





About Me...

        Thomas Ali  first got noticed as a musician at the early age of eight. Before long he was in NYC, on Broadway most notably as child star of the colorful show, Metropole Cafe. As drummer he played coast to coast, in numerous concerts, studio recording sessions and shared the stage, with world famous groups such as the Young Rascals, Temptations, even with the "Boss" Springsteen! Appearing with numerous others circa 1965-1968. As many of us did over the next few years, he served his country, acquiring a military background in advanced electronics, including advanced submarine top secret weaponry. He is also a Veteran and served in the Vietnam era.  Upon his return to civilian life, he managed to merge his stage and music production experience along with his extensive knowledge of high tech computers and electronics. Through the middle 70s Thomas Ali worked on various stage tours and recording sessions as producer, performer, actor, writer and director. This led to a long series of interesting productions and inventions. Never one to sit still, Thomas became interested, and developed and entrepreneurial investment track record in land development and real estate. In fact, working with Del Webb and Hughes Aircraft, Thomas was the first to introduce the airplane hangar combined office space concept at Scottsdale Airpark, in Scottsdale Arizona.


               Meanwhile, from the years 1978-90, he enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and popularity in the audio recording business with his own studios. He formed "BevAli Productions"and the studio "Master Factory" with English star John Beverage. The team wrote, produced and performed on the Euro-market, a multi-million seller hit "A Picture Of You"! A follow up patriotic hit America was so popular the team received a letter of commendation from the president himself, Ronald Reagan! In 1990, Thomas formed T.J. Ali productions, a Scottsdale based Production Company. There he pioneered new avenues in unique digital audio technology, and invented an incredible product called the Simumotor. Holding over 120 claims on the US patent pending. It was the first and only digital audio automobile replication sound device, and it garnered worldwide recognition from such notables as Indy 500 winner Arie Landyke, Ford Motor Company, and Lotus of England, and was featured in Motor Trend Magazine. Again, Thomas Ali was turning heads around the world! Through creating product advertising, the ever-ambitious Ali gained a background in product manufacturing as well. He was of the first members of the Maquiladoras group, the parties to a Mexican/American joint manufacturing agreement. In fact, Thomas was the first to have his product manufactured in its entirety in Mexico, by the company Elemex. This was the first turnkey electronic component manufactured in Mexico and delivered to the US!

                After a short retirement, in 1996 Thomas formed Aliway Productions, a state of the art digital media production facility serving world famous clients in every type of media format. His company has acted as a consultant and beta tester to broadcast institutes, countless individuals and large high tech such as Digital Processing Systems DPS USA / Canada. Aliway has also pioneered and developed the latest in non-linear digital video work stations. Notable write ups in a national trade consumer Videomaker magazine for his instructional video series Non Linear Editing, The Facts And Results, received rave reviews confirming success! Aliway has produced, and still produces award winning TV commercials, infomercials, documentaries, "Bridging The Gap", animations, film spots, and innovative web sites. In fact, Aliways Productions have sold over one billion dollars in their respective product sales!

                At present Thomas is working on various productions. His latest is the full featured film The Other starring HBO star Sunset Thomas. This movie is written, produced, directed, and scored by himself feature film. For this film he has aligned himself with Hollywood’s, Tom Proctor. Bringing a wealth of experience with the likes of movies like Independence Day, Halloween, Touched By An Angel, and Coyote Summer just to mention a few. Also, Ali is executive producer and consultant on the feature film "The Lioness" to be filmed in over five Asian and Mideast countries. On the media production side, Ali is currently working on his co-venture with author Adam Abraham on "The Magic Bullet" video series. And if that is not enough, he is currently rehearsing for his new stage show “Timeless” 2019!  A musical journey through time of classic songs that will forever be considered “Timeless”!  As Ali states, “this is my last stage performance, so I wanted to do it  ”my way”!  This production is written, produced, directed, and yes performed… by Thomas Ali. 


                On the business side, Thomas keeps himself busy. in 2016-2019.  With a love for animals, Thomas has formed the world’s first and only “Anti Aging”  product for dogs. Longevity-K9gh!  The product now ships worldwide to over seven countries!  Oh, and one more thing!  As a boxing promoter, he and his partner Ivalo Gutzuv has had 2 world champions, and just formed the WFBA, the World Fans Boxing Association.  The WFBA is turning heads around the world!  The King family has just aligned themselves with Thomas for this boxing revolution!  


                Is this the beginning of the end? Or just the end of a new beginning?  Umm? Can be a little confusing! But then, that is not very surprising. That is the "ALI-WAY." MORE TO COME!.

Aliway Productions, LLC / REEL Entertainment, LLC 2020 All Rights Reserved

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