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Timeless News

What is Timeless?

Timeless takes you on an epic musical journey that begins in the 1940s and travels through the decades to present day. This show features popular songs from every decade that will bring back memories for anyone who attends. Timeless takes the intricate harmonies of the fifties, the powerful soul of the sixties & the complex rhythms of the seventies and makes it look effortless.


Timeless is a unique show that features powerful vocals, comedy, impressions, acting, dancing and so much more. The show begins with a full theatrical video that sets up the journey you are about to take. Then the show begins...and what a show it is! Rich with harmonies and complex musical dynamics that truly pays tribute to music's most Timeless artists. And this show is so much more than just music...the songs are set up by witty dialogue that includes a pinch of history and clever bits of comedy to keep viewers engaged and entertained all night long.

What People are Saying

"Oh my God - you have to see this show! Timeless is super sensational!" - Jean B.

"I would have paid three times the amount to see this show! And I'm definitely coming back again." - Paul H.

"My husband got teary-eyed because they played the song that was on when he proposed to me way back when." - Penny J.

"I've seen lots of other shows, but this one was so different. They did such a wide variety of music and delivered it superbly. There was acting and impressions and so much more. My whole family just loved it." - Cherlyn F.

"They named this show right, it is truly a Timeless musical journey. I felt transported back in time over and over again!" - Linda M.

"This show had me clapping, laughing and singing along all night! What a blast!" - Mary C.

"I've never seen anything like this show. It honestly has something for everyone - any age group will be entertained." - John P.

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